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Dog Traction Rope

We carries kinds of traction ropes ranging from chest strap rope to dog Leash and customizable training lead etc


Cat and Dog Collar

We offer variety of pet collar including PU collars, bow collars, carabiner collars, reflective collars, those with other accessories like ties and bells and other customizable


Cat and Dog Raincoat

We offer a wide range of raincoats in different sizes and waterproof and different materials and colors just to fit your dog and cat in the rain, at the same time, let your dog and cat stand out


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Strictly screen and provide safe and competitive cat and dog pet supplies

Answer all kinds of questions about your pet in an all-round way, and customize best unique products and solutions for your pet at the same time


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The cat and I have witnessed my three-year relationship with my boyfriend. Although we have broken up, the custom-made carpet with cats bought in this pet store reminds me of our bits and pieces from time to time. Thank you for this online shop that offers custom unique products

Sarah Jones

Interior Designer

It is rare to come across such a professional pet store that provides patient service. It is with your help that I can choose the most suitable leash for my dog. The naughty dog can now be completely under my control. There are no other more suitable words to express my feelings except thank you

Jessica Foxx


Although the size of the product is not suitable, thank you for helping to change it in time and patiently guiding how to use it better to make my dog who lost his playmate happier.

Briana Luke


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