How to DIY Personalized Raincoats for Dogs in Two Ways

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As spring and summer seasons are known for rainy days, it’s crucial to have a raincoat for your dog to avoid keeping them cooped up at home all the time. offers two ways to make dog raincoats for your furry friend!

First method
Materials needed: nylon eco-bag, cardboard, adhesive tape, thick pen, measuring tape, sewing needle, thread, and scissors.

Dog Raincoat template:
Adjust the template according to the measurements, especially the body length, which should fully cover the back of the dog. Otherwise, the raincoat loses its purpose. Also, since straps will be added later, add dimensions accordingly.


  1. Use a measuring tape to determine the dog’s measurements, primarily its head size, neck, belly, body length, hip size, etc.
  2. Draw the template of the dog raincoat on cardboard of suitable size using a thick pen. Make sure to add 1-2cm to the dog’s actual body length since the extra space makes it easier during sewing. Cut out the template once done.
  3. Disassemble the eco-bag along the seams to make a rectangular fabric. Try to keep it as even as possible, then put the cardboard on top of it, and trace around the edges with a pen.
  4. Carefully sketch out two patterns of raincoats on the cut-open eco-bag, then cut them separately.
  5. Seam both cut raincoat patterns, ensuring 1cm is sewn away from the sides. Leave an opening when quickly stitching, flip the coat inside out, and sew the last part. Use adhesive tape to fix the tail end of the strap.
  6. Next, make the rain hat by using the handle part of the eco-bag. First, make sure to trim the edges of the hat pattern neatly, then fold and cut the handle part in half from the middle. Leave an appropriate length as a fastening strap according to the dog’s head size.
  7. Compare the dog’s ear position and sketch symmetric ovals on the hat, then carefully cut it out with scissors.
  8. Paste the adhesive tape at the end of the strap, and the hat is complete.

Second method:

  1. Prepare at least two plastic bags, the kind with two handles will suffice.
  2. Cover the dog’s head with a plastic bag, stick the ears of both bags at the dog’s chin, and cut the other plastic bag from both sides.
  3. Cut along the dotted lines, then lay the plastic bag flat on the dog’s back, wrap his body with it, and use transparent tape to stick the plastic bag on both sides of the lower belly.

Also, when making a raincoat for your dog, be sure to choose comfortable materials. In this way, the dog will enjoy wearing it without feeling discomfort. Making a raincoat for your beloved pet is not difficult; the important thing is that you’re willing to spare time and effort to make it.

Of course, if making a raincoat seems challenging, don’t be too hard on yourself and opt to buy one free shipping for your dog at After all, there are various styles and sizes to choose from, and most importantly, they are more durable than simple DIY raincoats.

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