Automatic Ceramic Electric Cat Water Drinking Fountain Dispenser (Free Shipping Worldwide)



The automatic ceramic electric cat drinking water fountain dispenser is a great choice for pet parents looking for a reliable filtration system for your furry friends.

Our fountain is designed to provide fresh flowing water that is more appealing for picky cats and dogs than stagnant water in a bowl. With a large water capacity, it reduces the need for frequent refilling, making it a great option for pet parents who are away for extended periods.

The fountain is also easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, ensuring a clean and healthy water supply for your pets. We highly recommend changing the water regularly to maintain optimal cleanliness.

Our pet drinking fountain consumes only 2W of power, making it environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It is also super quiet, with a noise level below 30 decibels, allowing you and your pets to enjoy the sound of water flowing without any disturbance.

Made of high-quality ceramic material, the electric cat drinking fountain is sturdy, durable, and has a long service life. It is also made of non-toxic materials, ensuring your pets can use it safely without the fear of exposure to harmful chemicals.

We are confident that our drinking fountain dispenser is the perfect choice for pet parents looking to enhance your pets’ drinking experience. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on all purchases!

How to install:
Step 01: Arrange the pump parts according to the illustration provided.
Step 02: Assemble the water pump parts and securely close them.
Step 03: Insert the filter box into the designated slot on the water pump.
Step 04: Thread the water pump’s power cord through the drink dispenser’s opening and plug it into the designated port.
Step 05: Center the water pump inside the drinker and press down firmly to securely attach the suction cups to the bottom of the drinker.
Step 06: Cover the drink dispenser with the “Little Sapling” lid.

①Do not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients for cleaning
② The first use of flushing the filter box for 2 minutes to flush out the impurities of the filter element

Additional information


Height 19cm×Diameter 14cm, Height 19cm×Diameter 18cm


1L, 1.5L


Constant Temperature Heating, Touch Unplugged


Green, Blue, Pink


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