Automatic Dog and Cat Feeders Water Bowls Portable Water Dispensers for Small to Medium-sized Pets (Free Shipping Worldwide)



Automatic Water Dispenser: This automatic water dispenser uses the siphon principle to maintain a stable water level for your pet. With a large capacity water bottle of 1L, it provides fresh water for your pet every day. (Remember to change the water daily for your pet’s health!)

Large Capacity Feeder and Waterer Set: This set includes a large capacity feeder of 2.2L and a waterer of 1L. For small pets, it can last for about 7 days, while for big pets it can last for 3 days. With this set, you can safely go on vacations, work, or attend parties without worrying about your pets being hungry.

High Quality Material: Our feeder and waterer dispenser combination is made of high-quality material, which is BPA free and food-grade plastic. You can safely let your pet use it without any concerns.

Easy to Clean: The food and water bottle can be easily removed from the base, allowing you to rinse them directly with clean water. Weekly cleaning is recommended. The feeder also has non-slip rubber feet to ensure safe placement.

Siphon Design for Pet Water Dispenser: When the water in the bowl reaches a certain height, the spring device will automatically close, stopping the water flow and preventing water leakage. This design ensures that fresh water is always provided for your pet.

I need a customized model, how can I do it?
Inquiry: Email us at including your requirements, such as style, size, color, embroidery or not, packaging and quantity, etc.
Quotation: Customer service will give you a quotation according to your requirements.
Sample: After paying the sample fee, arrange the production sample according to the requirements, and the time is 7~15 days.
Production: After confirming the sample, the two parties negotiate and confirm the order details, and after receiving the deposit, we arrange production.
Delivery: After the production is completed, customer service will contact you, and after making the final payment, the goods will be delivered to your designated address.

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Blue, Grey, Green

Bowl Material

Plastic, Stainless Steel, Ceramic


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