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How to regulate your pet’s behavior:
If you see your pet about to urinate or defecate in a place other than the designated pee pad, quickly pick them up and bring them to the pee pad.
Reprimand your pet if they excrete outside of the designated pee pad area.
On the other hand, praise and reward your pet when they successfully use the pee pad.

Product Information:
Product Name: Pets Pee Pad
Product Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Product Material: Bamboo Charcoal
Product Use: Disposable Pee Pad/Pet Pee Pad
Suitable for: Cats, dogs, rabbits, and other domestic pets
Great for toilet training for pets

Why The Bamboo Charcoal Pee Pads Stand Out:
Purification Function: The carbon fibers in the pee pads provide excellent deodorization performance, preventing the spread of any odor.
Quick Absorption: The carbon fibers are highly absorbent and effectively lock in moisture.
Leak-Proof and Moisture Lock: The bottom film of the pee pads is leak-proof with a thickened perimeter and rhombus embossing, preventing urine from spreading.
No Tracking: The diamond embossing design slows down the spread of urine and provides multi-layer protection, preventing tracking and making the pads easy to clean.
Odor Control: Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption and deodorization functions, reducing urine odor and keeping pets feeling clean and fresh.

Why do you need to use pee pads?
Have you experienced the troubles caused by pets as their owner? Coming home from work exhausted, only to find excrement all over the floor or during car rides, or being unable to control their behavior when surrounded by the whelping area.
Using pet cleaning pads can help provide a clean and fresh environment for your pets. They have instant water absorption to lock in moisture, spill-proof and leak-proof properties, and odor control, thanks to the bamboo charcoal. Keep your pets feeling clean and fresh with Bamboo Charcoal Pee Pads.

How to choose the right size of Pets Pee Pad?

When choosing the size of a pet pee pad, there are a few factors to consider:

Size of your pet: Consider the size and breed of your pet. Larger pets will naturally require larger pee pads to accommodate their size.

Age of your pet: Puppies and kittens are generally smaller and have less control over their bladder, so smaller pee pads may be sufficient. As they grow, you may need to switch to larger sizes.

Purpose of the pad: If you are using the pee pad primarily for house training, consider the area that needs to be covered. If you want your pet to have more space to move around on the pad, opt for a larger size.

Location of use: If you plan to use the pee pad in a specific area, measure the space available to ensure that the size you choose fits comfortably.

Standard sizes for pee pads usually come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Here are general guidelines for choosing the size:

Small: Typically suitable for small dog breeds or puppies. Dimensions may vary, but it is commonly around 17 x 24 inches or similar.

Medium: Suitable for medium-sized dog breeds or slightly larger puppies. Dimensions may vary, but it is commonly around 23 x 24 inches or similar.

Large: Designed for larger dog breeds or adult dogs that need more space. Dimensions may vary, but it is commonly around 24 x 36 inches or similar.

Extra Large: Mostly used for giant-sized dog breeds or for multiple dogs sharing the same pad. Dimensions may vary, but it is commonly around 28 x 34 inches or similar.

It’s important to remember that these are general size recommendations, and you should consider the specific needs of your pet and the intended use of the pee pad.

I need a customized model, how can I do it?
Inquiry: Email us at including your requirements, such as style, size, color, embroidery or not, packaging and quantity, etc.
Quotation: Customer service will give you a quotation according to your requirements.
Sample: After paying the sample fee, arrange the production sample according to the requirements, and the time is 7~15 days.
Production: After confirming the sample, the two parties negotiate and confirm the order details, and after receiving the deposit, we arrange production.
Delivery: After the production is completed, customer service will contact you, and after making the final payment, the goods will be delivered to your designated address.

Additional information


100 PCS Small (S): Length x Width x Height: 45x33cmx1cm, 50 PCS Medium (M): Length x Width x Height: 45x60cmx1cm, 40 PCS Large (L): Length x Width x Height: 60x60cmx1cm, 25 PCS Extra Large (XL): Length x Width x Height: 60x90cmx1cm


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