Detachable Blades PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver, Professional Dog Cat Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit, Cordless Rechargeable Small Animal Shaver Clippers Grooming Kit with Guards (Free Shipping Worldwide)



Introducing our High Capacity Battery Pet Hair Clipper, designed to provide a long-lasting and efficient grooming experience for your pets. Here’s what sets it apart:

🐱【High Capacity Battery】: Our pet hair clipper has a built-in 2000mAh Li-battery that lasts for 7 hours of continuous use after a 3-hour full charge. This is more than 6 times longer than other ordinary pet hair clippers. The battery can be charged over 500 times, ensuring a long-lasting and extended battery life. You can use it cordless or while charging, so you never have to worry about running out of power halfway through grooming. Long and extended battery life is guaranteed.

🐶【Powerful Motor with Non-clogging Technology】: Equipped with a high-performance 15 Watt Silver-Palladium electrical motor, our clipper operates at a powerful 3.7V. It runs at a super high rotating speed of 7000 RPM and can be boosted to an astonishing 9000 RPM with the push of a switch. With its non-clogging technology, you can enjoy hassle-free grooming without the need for frequent unclogging.

🐱【Sharp Detachable Blade】: Our clipper features a sharp detachable blade made of white ceramic moving blade and titanium plated fixed blade. This blade can effectively cut pet hair at a precise angle of 39.8 degrees, ensuring a clean cut every time. It is perfect for grooming hairy, thick, or soft hair dogs, cats, or rabbits. The blade is also easy to clean, prolonging the machine’s lifespan and providing a smooth and sharp cutting action with less heat output.

🐶【Ultra-quiet Technology and Less Stress for Pets】: Our clipper operates at a noise level of 50-60 dB. With noise absorption and silencer technology, it effectively reduces friction between the blades, resulting in a quieter grooming experience. This helps to minimize stress for your pets during grooming sessions.

🐱【Quality After-Sales Service for Pet Trimmer】: Every purchase of our clipper includes a comb as a thank you for shopping with us. If you encounter any issues, please let us know, and we will provide a satisfactory solution. (NOTE: If your pets have long and thick hair, it is recommended to use scissors to cut it shorter before using the clipper to prevent jamming and improper functioning.)

🐱【Battery Usage Notice】: Our Li-battery does not have a memory effect, so you can safely use it while charging without worrying about damaging the battery. However, using a regular charging cord with our trimmer may harm the battery. Please ensure that the charger’s slot aligns with the indicator light when charging. The indicator light should turn on when properly inserted. Reversing the plug may damage the battery.

🐶【Multiple Adjustable Modes, Suitable for Beginners】: We have prepared limit combs of various lengths (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm) for beginners. Additionally, there is a rotary knob that allows for precise adjustments within the range of 0.8mm to 2mm. Even if you have no experience in pet grooming, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. By using the limit combs, you can achieve a neat and even result with your pet’s fur.

🐶【The product includes】: a packaging box, an instruction manual, four limit combs, a charger, a bottle of lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, and a spare blade.

I need a customized model, how can I do it?
Inquiry: Email us at including your requirements, such as style, size, color, embroidery or not, packaging and quantity, etc.
Quotation: Customer service will give you a quotation according to your requirements.
Sample: After paying the sample fee, arrange the production sample according to the requirements, and the time is 7~15 days.
Production: After confirming the sample, the two parties negotiate and confirm the order details, and after receiving the deposit, we arrange production.
Delivery: After the production is completed, customer service will contact you, and after making the final payment, the goods will be delivered to your designated address.

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