Shipping Policy

As we all know, global shipping has been hit by the coronavirus.

To avoid delays in your order, there is something about the shipment we have to share with you. 

Shipping Costs 

We offer free shipping items via international China post and holland post excluding those shipping via express including DHL or Fedex express delivery or customers require express delivery over the world, If additional express freight is required in remote areas, you must pay the extra freight.

Where we Ship

We can ship from China to most countries in the world 
We kindly remind you to get to know well about the shipping and import policy in your country and region about Pet Supplies before placing an order.

Shipping and Delivery Estimates

The total time for you to receive your item = processing time + shipping time. All estimates are based on business days.

1. Processing time
There is a processing time of 24- 48 hours on most orders. However, the item’s stock status can affect the processing time.

In stock products: We ship in-stock orders as soon as possible. Normally, It will be shipped out to you within 24 hours if your item is in stock.

Pre-order products: The shipping out time of the pre-orders display on the product page, it is based on the arrival time, and we will process the pre-order by the payment sequence of the presale products.

2. Shipping time
Shipping time depends on the shipping method selected during checkout.

Note: When encountering with force majeure, weekends, holiday periods, the processing of orders will be delayed.

Following is the entire process of the package from sending to your receipt and the precautions that must be readplacing an order means that you have read and accepted all the precautions, if you have any questions, please consult us for more details, if you do not accept, please do not place an order

If the product you ordered is in stock, we will send it from our warehouse to China International Post Company on the day you place the order. If not, we will email you to change another item or refund or wait for the item you ordered restock. Generally, China International Post will pick up the package the next day after receiving the package, which will take about 4 days.

Then, China International Post will send the package to Hong Kong International Airport after receiving the package. This process usually takes 2 days. At Hong Kong International Airport, the package will be arranged to wait for the plane to your destination country. This waiting time usually lasts for 5 days ~10 days or longer, but generally no more than 20 days.

Then, after the package is scheduled to board the flight, the plane will fly to your destination country and clear the customs. This process usually lasts for 3~5 days. This time is normal time, not the abnormal time when the package is inspected by the customs and needs to provide documents, etc. Normally, this rarely happens.

Finally, after customs clearance, it will be handed over to the post office of your country and then transferred to the post office of your local city. This process will generally last for 7~10 days. Your local post office will receive the package and arrange delivery, and this process will last for 1~3 days (including weekends and holidays).

Please be sure to read the following notes:

1.All the times are estimated times, and the specific time is determined by the time on the actual tracking information, please be patient.

2.Once the package is sent out, return and refund are not accepted, because it is impossible for the international airport staff to find your package from thousands of packages and return it to us. Please understand, or the package has arrived at your destination country, please call the local post office to return or do not open the package after you receive it, and ensure that the package is returned to us in original condition, but you must bear the return freight.

3.Posts in most countries and regions will not contact the recipient before delivery, they will put it directly in the recipient’s mailbox or in a safer place, so if the tracking information shows that your package had been delivered, but you have not found the package, please contact your local post office as soon as possible to prevent loss.

4.Whether you need to sign the package by yourself or other family members and friends is determined by your local post office. In order to ensure that the package is not stolen or placed in a corner that you cannot find, it is recommended that you sign in person. If you need to sign in person, please place the order with comments in the note area, we will help you track the package, and when the package arrives at your local post office, you will be reminded to notify the courier to give you a call.

5.We do not accept the temporary address of the customer, because it is generally not necessary to sign for the package in person, and the package delivered to the temporary address is easily lost.

6.If the package is lost before it is arranged by the plane to fly to your destination country, we will reschedule the delivery or refund you. If the package causes problems during customs clearance in your destination country or is lost before or after receipt , we will deduct the freight and compensate you for half of the payment or we will reschedule the shipment after you pay us the freight.

7.If your package tracking information has not been updated for a long time, such as 2 months or more, we will choose to refund you half of the purchase fee or re-ship but you must pay the shipping fee.

8.We do not accept any mandatory Credit Card bank refunds. If you have any questions, you can communicate with us in advance. If you do not want to buy after placing an order, we recommend that you reject the package or return it to us after receiving the package (but the shipping fee must borne by you), we can refund the payment for unopened original packaging product returned by you under the condition of no damage.

If the product is not man-made damage, it is damaged during normal use during the product warranty period, please feel free to contact us, we will contact the manufacturer to replace the product for free, but the shipping cost must also be borne by the buyer

Any forced refund that is not based on communication is a fraud, we have the right to sue the fraudsters in court.